Do you offer any vehicle insurance? If so, is it mandatory?

We now offer an optional damage limitation policy for your Pro Cup Racing Experience. We have added this option to help insure that our spotless safety record continues. Pro Cup Racing is unlike any other program; in that with our extensive training and preparation our students are able to safely drive solo without an in-car instructor or a lead car to follow. With this freedom comes greater responsibility for the driver. As long as the participants pay close attention to the instructors and follow their rules and procedures there should be no safety issues.

The rate is $60 for a one day policy, good on the day of your event. This insurance is for the unlikely chance of an incident caused by driver negligence. If an incident occurs, a Pro Cup Racing Experience’s staff will investigate and determine whether it was caused by a driver error. If so, the driver would be responsible for damage to the race car up to $1,500 on site. Without the insurance, the driver would be responsible for any damage to the race car up to $14,000 on site. Individual automobile insurance does not cover damage to the race car as it is a non-registered, non-titled vehicle.

This insurance is optional for purchase and it is by no means mandatory to complete your program. It can be purchased by phone at any time prior to the program date or at the track on the day of the event. For further information please call our office at 855-6-PROCUP.

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